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Fed up with bouncy castles and soft ball pits?  Have a look at the activities on offer below. We can offer combinations of activity to ensure that your children and young people experience the natural environment and have FUN!   It's OK to learn and laugh at the same time.

Bushcraft                                       ref. ce01

Learn all about fire lighting without matches under expert supervision.
Learn use how to safely use cutting tools* to make feather sticks for your fire.
Once your fire is lit let's make some twisters and learn backwoods cooking skills.
Build a shelter from natural materials where you can eat your meal with your friends.

* Cutting tools (knives) will only be available for children over 6 years of age and with written consent of the child's parent. Go Wild reserve the right to withdraw this activity due to group/individual behaviour not being conducive to safe practice.

Minibeasts                                  ref. ce02

Explore the world at our feet and in the trees as we look at how minibeasts in the forest enhance the human environment and keep our world spinning.
Find out the differences between a centipede and a millipede, ...
Music & Drama                      ref. ce03

Learn to make a whistle from a willow branch.  Make percussion instruments from natural materials.  Hear how different instruments sound outdoors and feel how this music helps you to dance and express yourself in the forest.
Crafts & Art                         ref. ce04

Use clay and mud to make self-portraits, masks, or mini forest creatures.
Use natural materials to make sun catchers, bug hotels, or fairy houses.
Video Game/Movie theme                  ref.  ce05

Play your favourite video game 'live' in the forest.  Interact with your friends in the natural environment and develop outdoor strategies.  Find the real Woodland Mansion!!

Give your thumbs a rest and fill your lungs with fresh air.
Your game...your choice.
Hallowe'en                                   ref. ce06

Join us in the forest on a spooky Hallowe'en adventure.

Meet some spooky, but friendly, forest creatures and learn some magical spells.

Drink some witches brew and listen to spooky stories about woodland characters.